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Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 07:03:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: Mike R <>  | Block Address | Add to Address Book
Subject: Re:
To: Riaz Ahmed <>

Hi Riaz

It's Mike R from Maryland here. (
and  Congratulations on
your new baby girl!  It is a joy to have healthy
children.  I will try to reply to your two recent
letters to me on MAR-30 and today APR-3.  

I would be willing to see if we could work a
sponsorship arrangement out.  Please let me know
what work you have done with the twelve steps and
which steps you try to live in your life.  I only
sponsor guys that have no other sponsor, so be
sure to not have another sponsor if you want me
to be your sponsor.  

I am sorry to hear about your mother's heart
attack.  Is she ok?  Is she alive?  I know about
quitting smoking.  It's not easy.  I have quit 4
or 5 times since I have been clean.  Presently I
have not smoked since August 1998.  Over 2 and a
half years.  

You reference calling me in your Mar 30 letter. 
Here is my number 001-410-822-3384 I am on GMT +5
Eastern United States Time.  I get home from work
at 5 pm EST .  I'm pretty sure it's expensive to
talk on the phone.  

Yours in Recovery

--- Riaz Ahmed <> wrote
> Attn: Mike
>  Hello! Its me Dr.Riaz from Pakistan. sorry
> Mike due
> to some reasons or other. i was not able to
> contact
> you from my last connection wiht u till onward
> uptill
> now this is my first sitting in front of
> computer. in
> the very first sitting i am sending you the
> mail. God
> has given me second little kid baby girl first
> was
> baby boy. Dr. has operated Cissarion. My wife
> got
> peritonitis. Due to infection in Pelvis after
> some
> time my mother got a serious Heart Attack on
> that days
> i was trying my best to quit Cigratte smoking.
> u know
> how hard it is.sorry once again. I know this is
> my
> addictive behaviour. I have not yet read your
> e-mails
> but how can i say to u i was really in great
> trouble
> but God have saved me. Now i am in again on my
> normal
> cycle. i am trying to connect all those NA
> friends
> once again. and this is my first connection to
> you. I
> will call you tomorrow once again.
> Thanks 
> Take CAre
> From
> Dr.Riaz Ahmed
> 1/A, Main Road,
> Samanabad, Lahore.
> Pakistan.
> Please send my best wishes to all my NA
> friends. i
> will be on the line.

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