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Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 03:37:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: Riaz Ahmed <>  | Block Address | Add to Address Book

hello mick,
 i cant immagine that you r so sincere with me. its my
pleasure and God blessing. i have seen this relation
what ever you have created after a atleast 20 years a
back. due to sime reason and your other friendship
behavior bring me very very close to you. actualy mick
you know that we are suffring those trubles which we
canot immagine even in dreams. actualy you are very
senior to me i sloute you. 18th april of this month
will be my third N.A birthday. mick you know this will
be my great pleasure. know a days i am searching a
such job related to rehablitation center so that i can
earn and learn from it in any wear in the world. i
know you are not responsible to do this for me then
after all if you can arange such job in your country
as a nice human being i will be thank full to you. by
doing this i can spend maximum time under your
skillfull guidance and i will be able to make my
strong persnality for me for my family and for the
rest of the in our poor and developing country. 
please accept me under your sponcership for the rest
of life.
thanking you
waiting anxiousely 
Dr Riaz Ahmed

please tell me that how can i celebrate my birthday in
here and which you and with my other any friends.

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